Bollettino fib n. 85

Towards a rational understanding of shear in beams and slabs


0. Survey of partecipants in the fib Workshop on beam shear

1. From detailed test observations to mechanical models and simple shear design expressions

2. Shear transfer actions in reinforced and prestressed concrete beams

3. Predicting the shear strength of tick slabs

4. Shear capacity of members without shear reinforcement based on limit analysis

5. Shear tranfer actions of slender members without stirrups

6. Influence of M/V-combination on the shear behaviour of members without stirrups

7. Insights from the numerical modelling of reinforced beams under distribution loads

8. ACI-DafStb shear databases

9. Database of shear tests subjected to uniformely distributed loading

10. Stess fields in concrete teeth and jawbones

11. Cracking and the shear strength of reinforced concrete

12. Contribution of the shear transfer actions in short span beams

13. Shear strength of UHPFRC I-shaped beams without stirrups

14. Out-of-plane shear strength of steel-concrete sandwich panels

15. Shear fatigue of prestressed concrete beams

16. Simplified Multi-Action Shear Model for shear design

17. Towards a unified approach for shear design of SFRC and UHPFRC girders

18. Three-parameter kinematic approach for short coupling beams

19. Biaxial shear in reinforced concrete beams and columns

20. Future directions for research on shear in structural  concrete